Drumline Encourages Students to Attend Competitions

Mason Hall


Brooke Christenson and Mary Dinney

Dating back in 1928 when the Davis High School band was created, from that day our band has been a significant part of our school tradition. There are different kinds of categories that play different type of instruments but they all stand together in the word Band. One of them is called Drumline, this section has been a great part of the school band due to the fact that their work is just unique.


I think the physical aspect is a little underrated, like the drums like way a significant amount you know it’s not necessarily easy marching around with them and also the mental aspect of it, you have to remain engaged every rep because if you’re not thriving through practice, then you’re not getting any better and like that’s the pursuit of the ensemble.” Senior Zac Rios said.


The school drumline has participated in a lot of competitions and are known as the Winners of the Utah State Championship, ten years in a row. They work really hard and do a amazing job. Their rehearsals can sometimes be tiring due to the fact that they have to practice 3-4 hours a day but also fun and they love going to competitions so practicing very hard is a must for them.


“Rehearsals are 4 hrs every Tuesdays and Thursdays and they can get pretty intense sometimes but sometimes we’re just drumming on stans and it’s just pretty fun.” Sophomore Brenden Rios said.


“Competitions are really fun, I love competition season, we get up early we practice for a little bit we bust down and then I don’t know, it’s kind of a surreal experience, it’s good though it’s competitive which I guess it’s exactly what it’s supposed to be.” Senior Zac Rios said.

Even though drumline can sometimes be physically tiring, their passion for it can never get tiring, especially when it comes to trying to win a competition. They will always work hard and hopefully impress more people in the future.