New SBO’s Discuss Goals

Zach Hughes

Bailey Bilderback and Olivia Egan

Student Body Officers are elected at every school to plan events, serve their school, and most importantly, make their fellow students feel important and included. This will be no different at Farmington high school.

I just love how I can communicate with others and just go to different social groups and not just go straight to my friends,” SBO Parker Hadley said.

The new officers are prepared to take students from rival schools and unite them so that their school can be successful.

“I’ve actually spun on Viewmont winter guard so I’ve met a lot of family members that went to Viewmont and I have a lot of friends that go to Viewmont and so I know how both schools are and I can bring things from both schools into this new school and help unite them,” SBO Diona Irwin said.

Both elected officers from Davis have connections from Davis and plan to use those connections to help students feel at home at the new high school.

“I think just recognizing, yeah we are coming from different schools but we’re not all that different. We have similar likes and dislikes. It’s just bringing a bunch of different things from both schools because both have great students,” SBO Diona Irwin said.

“I grew up with a lot of kids at Viewmont and I made a lot of awesome friends here at Davis. And being able to bring them together and understand that we are the Farmington Phoenix,” SBO Parker Hadley said.

Farmington High School is set up with a good group of Student Body Officers and is sure to have a successful first year.