Girls Golf Swings for Success

Cameron Jacobsen


Cameron Jacobsen and Kyla Essex

The Davis High School Girls Golf team has begun their season. Due to the late snowfall in the Winter season, tryouts and team practices were pushed back or substituted for the team until playable conditions were ready.

“We had to do some of our practices indoor,” Girl’s Golf player Brea Johnston said. “It was hard to not get out to do real golfing to start the season, but it did not affect us as much.”

With a sport such as golf, every opportunity to practice on real golf courses provide much needed practice to start a season. Whether or not these lack of practices due to weather affect the team is up to the players.

“We needed to work harder in our indoor practices,” Girl’s Golf player Caylyn Ponich said. “But we worked really hard and made up for the lost time.”

Now that the weather has officially moved on from snow to rain, the conditions have been fairly decent for the Girl’s Golf team practices and tournaments. The team worked hard to start their season despite the drawbacks at the start, and are all looking forward toward the rest of their playing time.