Local Business Provides Suits For Formal Events

Zach Hughes


Lydia Griffin and Billy Elliott

In every town, there are many local businesses that are owned and run by people from the community. There are even many students who are attempting to start their own businesses.

“You’d Be shocked at how much information and support your local communities will have…there is a small business chapter somewhere there to just call and ask. There are an incredible amount of small businesses and small business centered government agencies that are more than willing to help you follow down that path,” The Missionary Store Owner Adam Holmes said.

It can be difficult to get a business running and working well. It may take lots of time and hard work to become successful.

“When the rubber hits the road it’s gonna be you that’s gonna do the work, put the hours in and make sure that it works,” Holmes said.

If you are hoping to get a personal business started but having a hard time, business owners advise to not give up hope.

“Keep up dreaming, don’t give up on that dream because it can be a reality, you can do it. You may have some naysayers, some people telling you not to do it, but never give up on that dream and it’s a little easier than it seems sometimes,” The Missionary Store Owner and Day-to-Day Operator Wyatt Creager said.

A good way to learn about owning and operating a local business is to work for one. The Missionary Store is opening soon and is currently hiring. If you would like to apply, visit the link below.