Runners Spring Into Track

Cameron Jacobsen

Runners Spring Into Track

Kyla Essex, Reporter

With region championship and state coming up, the davis Track team is training hard and consistently. Workouts are everyday after school for 2 hours where the athletes train for the weeks upcoming meet.

Track is one of the more famous sports that can be played throughout high school and college and onto a bigger scale: the olympics. Varying in different events all ranging in difficulty, track has a lot to offer.

“I love the track team here, not only are there really fun people that you can make friends with, but the environment and the coaching staff, it’s a good place to be,” Hurdler for davis high, Andrew Simonsen said.

With a track team of over 200 students, it is a great way to become involved in school sports and make new friends

“I love all of the cool people and great coaches,” high jumper, Emily Nelson said.