Students Look Back on Successful School Year

Zach Hughes

Lydia Griffin and Billy Elliott

With the upcoming ending of the school year, students are both anxiously and excitedly awaiting the changes that will come. For many, this year has been a very successful, full of accomplishments and improvements.

“I wrote a musical,” Junior Kaden MacKay said. “I wrote it with Emma Porter, and it was just a crazy thing. Now I get to say that I wrote and performed a musical in high school”.

The outcome of a typical day in the life of a high school student is usually determined by social interactions just as much as learning in the classroom. By this time of the year, students are looking back on their favorite activities, involvements, or classes that they have taken this year.

“My favorite part of being a Senior this year has been having the chance to meet all of the people that I have met. Being a part of the student government has given me the chance to meet people and participate in a lot of activities,” Senior Keaton Williams said.

Additionally, when speaking of her favorite class, Senior Abby Chase said “definetly AP Lit. I guess you can say it’s been lit. It’s been really cool because we’ve read a lot of really interesting literature, and there’s so much I’ve learned about identifying themes, and getting something out of my reading”.

Sophomores and Juniors are excited to either remain at Davis or start at Farmington High School next fall, however many Seniors are anxiously awaiting other plans.

“I was called on an LDS mission, I’m going to The Philippines– Baugia, so that will be fun. I leave July 11th but until then, I’m just working” Williams said.

No matter where they end up, students are looking forward to the future as well as reflecting on the past. For many, leaving the people and relationships they have gained in high school will be one of the most challenging parts of the near future.

“I would advise future students to get out of their bubble. I know you probably have that group of friends that you are very comfortable with, but don’t be afraid to make friends that are not in your friend group,” Chase said. “Don’t be afraid to hang out with people who you wouldn’t normally hang out with, because you’re going to learn that those people are awesome too and you’re going to have a lot more diverse of an experience in high school if you allow yourself to expand”.