Athletes Train During Their Off Season

Cameron Jacobsen


Cameron Jacobsen and Kyla Essex, Sports Team

Conditioning is very important in sports and hobbies. While many athletes prioritize conditioning during their season, many choose not to make it as essential during their off seasons.The effects of training versus not training during off seasons can be seen very apparent in athletes during sports.


“I make sure to stay in shape during my off season by running and eating right,” soccer player Jared Hatch said. “It makes a big difference for me when I start to play soccer again because I can jump right in.”


While conditioning is a big part of staying in shape during an athlete’s off season, diet and food also play a major role in health. Not monitoring what you are eating and putting into your body can make a big difference in how quickly you can return to play when your sports season comes around.


“I did not condition for the first two years of my lacrosse career,” lacrosse captain Kieran Richards said. “I started to notice a big difference in my performance when I started to put in the work.”

Conditioning has been proven to very effectively help athletes perform in their sports. Now it is up to the athlete to decide whether conditioning should play a major role in their training.