Counselors Tell Their Stories

Bailey Bilderback

The counselors at Davis High are often not recognized for the work they do. The counselors have very unique backgrounds and past’s that make them so well rounded as a counselor.


“ I was a stay at home, a police dispatcher, a trophy engraver, a waitress, a nurses aid, and a kentucky fried chicken girl in high school!”. counselor Mrs. McDonald said when asked about what sorts of jobs she had before working at Davis.


The counseling staff benefit the school population not only by helping students with class scheduling and graduating but can also be a great mentor for students because of the counselors wisdom about life and their past experiences.


“I was a biology teacher for 20 years before being a counselor, I didn’t want to get out of schools, I love working with high school aged kids, so I didn’t want to leave the school, but i did want to change my job” Head of the Counseling Department Mr. Porter said.


The counselors love their job here but one day will leave Davis High School. When the counselors decide to retire they have some exciting goals and plans for the next phase of their life.


“I want to be a fun grandma who travels the world”, scholarship counselor Mrs. Sommer said.


The counselors are people who have some fun interests and personal goals. Appreciation for their work should be shown whenever a student visits their counselor!