Chick-Fil-A: Davis High Favorite Lunch Hot Spot


At Davis High School we all love it when lunch comes by. You’re sitting in your math class doodling on your assignment when finally, the clock ticks onto 12:06. You jump up from your desk and run to meet your friends, ready to finally eat after four and a half hours of class. So you meet up with them… but where do you go? Perhaps you go to Arby’s to enjoy all the meat that they have to offer, or maybe you go to Chick Fil A, which is a little farther but it’s worth it because it’s just so good. Or you might go to Mcdonalds so you can quickly grab a good meal and get back to school fast. Wendy’s is another option to snatch a cheap meal that you can still enjoy. There are many options that you can choose from but the question is, which one is the most popular with the students and teachers of Davis High? Well, I asked around a bit and here are the stats:

Arbys- I didn’t have much luck with this one. Only about 10% of the people I asked said Arby’s was their favorite. I suppose it doesn’t really matter if Arby’s has the meats. That would also explain the empty parking lot every time I drive by the Restaurant.

McDonalds- Only 17% wanted to eat at ole Mickey D’s. For as much as it has grown, it doesn’t have much to show for it. Davis really isn’t loving it.

Wendys- Coming in at a distant second for Davis’ is Wendys. Even though it has been around for since 1969 it has only won the vote of 21% percent at dear old Davis.

Chick Fil a- This fast food restaurant was the most popular with Davis. A whole 52% chose this one to munch at, which is even farther away than all of the others. I guess Davis has a thing against chickens. 

So the next time you want to leave the school to eat lunch, remember that Chick Fil A is the most popular lunch spot in Davis. It might take a while to get there but it seems that Davis thinks it is worth it. So grab a friend and head on over to the lunch hot spot, and remember to keep being a dart, Davis.