Davis Girls Tennis vs Syracuse


Alison Gee

On Tuesday, August 28, the DHS Girls Tennis team competed against Syracuse. All fifteen of the girls had an amazing time. At 3:30, Syracuse arrived and Varsity lined up to play, and the matches began. The team was prepared and is in great shape, both physically and mentally.

In order to stay physically fit and to sharpen their playing skills, the girls practice, practice, practice. Every week day they meet up after school. They start with basic warm ups, stretches, and running.

After that, they practice ground strokes and serves. The main part of practice then consists of challenge or practice matches. The girls conclude practice with a game. Each teammate gives her all to practice, striving to improve. It’s this dedication to the sport that gives the Davis team an edge in competitions.

Mentally? The team is top notch. One player, Brydie Sigg, stated confidentially: “I’m excited for the season! We have a great line up and should be able to take on most other teams. Our St. George tournament will be a blast, and I can’t wait to keep playing with the other girls!”

This positive outlook for the season the girls have isn’t their only asset. Each practice and each match brings the team closer together. They work well as a whole team, every girl giving her all. These bonds and perspectives that the team has put them in a great place mentally.

True to her confident words, Sigg and the rest of the team played excellently against Syracuse. All of the Varsity matches were won by Davis, and so were most of the jv matches.

When asked about her favorite part of her experiences, Sigg responded: “My favorite part of being on Davis tennis is the relationship between the girls… I want to tell the school that our tennis team is the best!” After seeing the team perform on Tuesday, it’s hard not to believe her. Needless to say, this year will certainly be a great one for DHS girls tennis.