Kate Wilson, Spotlight Student


Issac Whipple

Imagine riding your horse into the sunset with your hair flowing in the wind. Meet Kate Wilson she is a student here at Davis high and she does this every other week. Kate is in love with horses; she has two. Thor and Juliet. Kate grew up playing soccer and at the age of 11 she began writing and fell in love with it and hasn’t stopped writing. Kate likes to write almost anything from fiction to the articles she writes in her journalism class she is taking this year. Below is an interview with Kate. 


“what do you like to do in your spare time?” 

Kate: “I usually spend time with my horses, I love to write as well.” 

“what activities are you involved with here at Davis high” 

Kate: “I’m not currently in any activities however I will be running track later this school year” 

“Currently what is your favorite movie?” 

Kate: “I think my favorite movie of all time is superstar” 

“what would you like to be when you grow up?” 

Kate: “I want to become a grand prix rider when im older” 

“what type of music do you listen to?” 

Kate: “pretty much anything but screamo” 

“who is your favorite teacher here at Davis?” 

Kate: “Mr. Frey, He is funny and knows what he is talking about” 

“what is your favorite color?” 

Kate: “yellow” 

“how do you like to show your Davis pride?” 

Kate: “I show my Davis pride by attending games and supporting school activities” 

“what are your plans after high school?” 

Kate: “probably college” 

“okay last question what is your favorite Disney movie?” 

Kate: “I’m actually not a big fan of Disney movies but if I have to pick probably Cinderella.” 


Kate is a junior here at Davis, if you see her in the halls be sure to say hi! Also go watch her compete in track this season!