Volleyball Davis Vs. Viewmont


Thursday, August 30 the Davis volleyball team had a home game against the Viewmont volleyball team.

Before the game started I had the chance to talk to a few of the team

“What are some team goals for this season?”

“We really want to make and win region and make it to state” – The Team


“Does the team have any pre-game traditions?”

“We mostly do warm-ups, we will have team lunches.” – Hadley Grant


“How does the team celebrate a win?”

“We give a big cheer and are really happy.” – Kate Hodgson


It looks like the team was very excited to get the season started. It isn’t very hard to see how dedicated they are to the team. Throughout the whole game, everyone was supporting each other, laughing and just having a good time.


The girls won the first game 25/16,

Every time one of our girls would score the sidelines would fall on their knees and bow and the girls on the court would have a group hug.


During the second game, the teams tied multiple times but our girls would always come ahead and they won, once again, 25/16


During the third and final game, Viewmont was in the lead. Both teams were very energetic and everyone was cheering on their teams, people in the stands would rattle their seats, it was hard not to be excited.


For a moment it looked like we wouldn’t win, slowly but surely our girls came through and won the match 25/22


Good job girls and good luck for the rest of the season!