The Thrill of Free Climbing.

Kasen Madsen

You work your way up climbing past rocks and stone hundreds of feet of the ground. its pretty high but you’ve gone farther some rocks crumble and fall beneath your feet and you readjust your grip. without ropes or harnesses its dangerous but also has a feeling of freedom buildings, mountain’s, ledges you’ve climbed them all. you finally make your way to the top the view is amazing you can see everything trees rocks animals all look tiny compared to how big and high up you are. the reward? you’ve done what they said was crazy, a death wish or impossible This is what free climbers live for.

Free climbing or bouldering has been around for years, its a way of getting around and climbing over and up or will be because I’m gonna teach you how.obstacles.  you do not use rope, harnesses, or safety net of any kind. the way to climb is hands on quite literally. Using your hands you will explore the sides and tops of mountains, buildings plateaus and much more. Now why would anyone want to be hanging or climbing hundreds of feet up with the chance of death at one mistake? The challenge, the climb the reward. Free climbers are a very elite set of people only the crazy and brave try this. (it helps if your both.) The things done can not only amaze and startle others but also yourself.

The challenge is being prepared for what is to come the fact that no one has climbed that or the fact that is insane is what we live for and we prepare very well for it. First we must be prepared to die. Every time we go up against something we realize this could be it and that is taken very seriously,  hours upon hours of training are put into the one task of climbing something death defying, or what is considered impossible. The training itself? climbing using your skills to climb smaller and easier things and working your way up is how you train for something death defying, but you also have a secret weapon. What is it? a rock pick? harpoon? suction cups? Nope its chalk. The most used and loved thing any free climber can have with them, chalk helps  regain your grip, make grabbing things easier and is your trusty sidekick when your hands get sweaty and theirs no way up. Now that you’ve  prepared (with chalk ready) you may begin the climb

Whether its a building or sheer cliff wall there is nothing that can ever compare to the climb being made. hundreds of feet of the ground in the face of death you climb one mistake its all over but one leap of faith and you’ve gained what you came here for. The feeling you get is freedom, nothing is holding you or stopping you from what your doing or about to do. The thrill you get and the adrenaline is nothing that can ever be felt by doing anything else. the climb my be hard or easy but as a climber it will always be fun and have a sense of freedom and adventure.

In the end when you succeed there is the reward you’ve done it the impossible staring death in the face and not only escaping but beating it into the ground so far below you. The things done  to do what you do are not easy and definitely  considered deadly, but you do them because there is something about it that makes you feel alive . But the one thing that will never get old is the view. Its like nothing seen before its as close as you can get to the sky without and airplane. you can see everything the trees the rocks rivers birds animals it is nothing short of breathtaking. The reward is that you did it you’ve won and theirs a great view that comes with it theirs nothing that and that is what free climbers live for.