Dance Date Ideas


Shelby White

School dances are just around the corner. You just asked an amazing person, but have no idea where to take them. Need some help? Here are some inexpensive and fun dance date ideas.

  1. Go on a picnic! Picnics are an inexpensive way to sit down and get to eat a nice meal and get to know your date. You can take them to a park or field or wherever you can find a beautiful setting.
  2. Go to an arcade! Arcades are a great way to bond with your date by competing to get more tickets and win prizes.
  3. Go on a hike! Hiking is a great way to be in nature with that special someone you care about. Hikes are a great way to get exercise but also to have fun.
  4. Have a karaoke night! Get some friends together and have a karaoke night. Karaoke is a way to let yourself go and have fun with your date.
  5. Have a lake day! Go drive out to a lake and have fun in the water or lying on the beach. Enjoy the sun and sand with your date and have a blast.
  6. Go mini-golfing! Mini-golfing is a great way to spend time with your date. There are so many fun places to go mini-golfing. You could do glow in the dark or just the classic outside version.
  7. Have a movie night! Movie theaters can be expensive. Instead of going out, you can have a movie night at your house. You can pop popcorn and make or buy treats to munch on. Then grab a blanket and cuddle up with your date while you watch the movie(s).
  8. Make dinner together! Who needs to spend all that money at a restaurant when you could cook a meal with your date? Find a delicious recipe and buy or find the ingredients. Then invite your date over and you can cook together and enjoy you’re (hopefully) delicious meal.


Hope these ideas helped! Dances can be expensive and so can dates. Finding a fun and inexpensive date can really show the person you asked that you care by putting more thought into the date. Remember, dates don’t have to be expensive to be fun.

You don’t have to use these ideas just for dances. You can also use them for normal dating. They will work just as well.

Have fun dating Davis! Go Darts!