The lifelong debate with the century long rivalry


Issac Whipple

The never ending debate that we’ve all endured since childhood: BYU or Utah. There are two major schools in the state of Utah. BYU and U of U. There’s one game in the college football season that is different from the others, it’s the day when the red meets blue and the stadium is mixed between the two. Even though the Utes are in the Pac 12 this is still one of the biggest games of the season. Everyone likes different colleges for different reasons. Do you bleed red or blue?

261 people took a poll online and voted on which college they liked more, BYU or U of U, out of the 261 people that took the poll 63% of the people voted for U of U while the other 37% voted for the cougars. 

Derek Hansen a student here at Davis is a fan of the Utah Utes because of his grandpa, his grandpa James R. Swenson was huge in the medical field the Utes even have a special day to celebrate him. Apart from James Swenson being an amazing doctor, he was also a great person, it is a rumor that he created the ramps on the side of the road that lead up to the curb for people in wheel chairs. 

Mr. Frey (an English teacher at Davis) played for BYU and elaborates on his reasoning for supporting BYU:

“I love the culture and what the BYU Football program is trying to do. I feel like they are committed to compete on and off the field and in every aspect of life.”

Though in northern Utah it is clear that Utah is the favorite it still makes a competitive nature to this century long rivalry.  

Overall people like different teams and different colleges for different reasons. Whether you played for them, you know people who go there or you just like how they play it is always fun to be involved and get competitive.