What food you should try in kaysville


Isaac Howard

What’s to eat in Kaysville? There might be more than you think! Throughout this article i will be telling you all of the good restaurants in our city.  

To start off the list is Wingers in Kaysville, they have great wings and have a very big variety of things to order including a little bit of Mexican food made with their specialty sauce. some of the great items you should try are, the sticky fingers, sticky finger quesadilla, and the winger burger. This is a very great place to have a nice chill dinner with your family, or your sports team.  

Now if you are looking for a great breakfast place to have Granny Annes is the place! They have the best scones and French toast in Utah. If you want to have a really great breakfast and start off your day right go here! they also have the traditional breakfast items as well like eggs bacon and potato’s in gravy. Another place i found has really good scones and breakfast is a place called sills they have apple fritters and their French toast is actually really good too. 

If you want to go out for lunch and are craving Mexican food and you don’t want to go to a drive thru go to “Orlando’s”! They are known for their exquisite Mexican food and have a great bean and cheese burrito. Their nachos are really good filled with everything and not just cheese. 

If you want to get some fast food we all know that there is Arbys, Wendys, and of course Mcdonalds. but have you heard of Betos? like Orlando’s it is a Mexican restaurant that is very good if you have not been you should because it tastes like the burritos come straight from Mexico. Also, in the same building is Fiiz where you can get really good drinks and deserts. I hope you will try some of these restaurants in the future because they are really good!