Fashion Resurrected: Part II


Mackena Frandsen


Everything we wear today has to orginate from somewhere. Last week we covered the history of Nikes, windbreakers, and jeans. This week we will explore the orgin of popular items such as denim jackets, pansuits, and crop tops

Last week we learned about the history of jeans but this time we are going to dive deeper and explore other kinds of denim clothing. Ripped jeans became popular in the late 1980’s. They were worn by hard rock and heavy metal stars which caused them to gain popularity. Now in 2018, ripped jeans are making a comeback. Another denim trend is jackets. The denim jacket was created in 1880 by Levi Strauss. After creating the first ever pair of jeans he invented the jean jacket. Of course, during this time denim jackets were used as a durable item of clothing among miners and cowboys. It emerged as a stylish must-have in the 1990’s during the grunge era.  

Although it has come back as a more casual item of clothing the pantsuit is still being worn by women everywhere. During the first world war the “trouser suit” was created for those working in the heavy industry. The 60’s marked a time of widespread popularity for the pantsuit. Pantsuits have become a lot less formal and fitted, they are featuring many bold and trendy designs. 

The romper has been welcomed back into the fashion clique after taking a break from being “in” Ever since they were invented they have been extremely popular and have been worn by many. The romper came in a tube top form and become very common in the 80’s.  Today they have evolved into many materials and colors and have even become a men’s wear “must-have.”  

Lastly, the crop top which is worn by many adolescents today debuted in 1893, but without much interest until the 1930’s and 40’s. It continued to gain acceptance until the 70’s where it was worn by  celebrities such as Barbara Eden.