Should parking at davis be free?


Isaac Whipple

Davis is over crowded with students and even more crowded in the parking lots. To park in the parking lot at Davis you need to have a parking pass. If you park in the parking lot without a pass you’ll get a ticket each day you park there. The tickets are about a 15 dollar fine. To get a parking pass there are a few requirements; a parking pass is 5 dollars, you aren’t allowed to purchase one if you have a “U” 

Unsatisfactory or a “U” is part of your citizenship grade, with a “U” you can’t get a parking pass, you can’t graduate, you can’t participate in extracurricular activates such as sports or a class field trip if you have a “U” you have to get it worked off, there are many ways to do this but most require some kind of community work for the school. Some students at Davis have parking tickets that they will have to pay if they try to go get a parking pass which can add up to a lot of money in the end. 

Should Davis high students have to pay for a parking pass? Some alternatives to paying for a parking pass might be just handing them out like they hand out your school I.D. in English class. People park on sophomore road all the time and they don’t have a parking pass. 

Overall some students believe the parking system at Davis should be changed.