The Man, the Myth, the Legend: Spencer Saltern


Gabe Edwards

How does one find the motivation, time, and dedication to participate in the Davis High Madrigals, take multiple CE classes, participate in the pharmacy tech program at the DATC, deal with the responsibility of taking care of five younger siblings, spending a lot of time at the karate studio, struggling with the decision of how to best serve our country in the U.S army, all the while keeping straight A’s throughout the year?

The answer to that question lies with Spencer Saltern. Like stated above, he is in the Madrigals and spends a lot of his time practicing for performances and does whatever he can to support it such as doing fundraisers.

He is enrolled in the pharmacy tech program at the DATC every B day for 3 hours. “Somedays I feel that it takes a lot of effort but I know that it will be worth it in the end.” He stated. He told me that you have to be dedicated and hardworking to have a truly good and successful life.

He has five siblings, one of which just got into Davis. He spends a lot of time watching over them while his parents go on errands. “They’re sometimes annoying but overall I love spending my time with them.”

He spends roughly an hour a day at home on homework and works hard in class to make sure it stays that way.

For a long time now he has argued with himself, and with his parents, on whether or not he should join the U.S Army reserves or go into the infantry as an active duty Soldier. “Whenever I’ve thought about my career, I hit one roadblock, the military.” Over the past few years, he has thought about the Marines, National Guard, Special Forces, and now the Army reserves. He plans to save up money for college doing that. He is not sure about his major but he may be going into pharmacy school in college.

He plans to serve a fulfilling, full-time LDS mission. His goals after that are to raise a strong and successful family and to serve his community.