Boy’s Basketball Remains Hopeful

This 2012 Davis High School boy’s basketball team has been very busy this year with many wins and some losses, but they continue to try to improve.

            “Some of the games that we’ve played haven’t really turned out the way we’ve wanted.” Said senior basketball team captain Lincoln Holt. The team is always working to improve.

            “Everyday in practice we’re working to get better, and that’s our focus right now, just getting better everyday” said Holt. Though, sometimes practice isn’t the only thing that can improve a team performance especially if motivation is the problem. There have always been many strategies in order to keep teams motivated, Holt says that he keeps the team motivated by making sure that he is always motivated as well, he said “I can’t expect a 100% out of them if I don’t give a 100% myself.”

With some opposing teams motivation is the key to success; especially with teams such asFremontHigh schoolwho always seem to give theDavisbasketball team a challenging game. With teams likeFremontsome common motivating phrases and mottos tend to come up, among them a familiar one may be “Defense wins championships”, which helps the players to remember that if defense is played the right wayDaviscan always either tie or win. If the Davis can keep the other team from scoring they can always tie even if they do not score at all, which is unlikely. While working hard and motivating one another on and off the court the team goal has been to take region, but many of the players personal goals have been to take state, go big or go home.