Women’s volleyball, the road to state


Isaac Whipple

The Darts suffered a hard loss against Fremont last Tuesday as Wolves came on top with a score of 3-2. The Darts are currently in progress of trying to make state, and this game did not help them in any way. It was a heated set of games, as it came down to the winning game to break the tie of 2 and 2. The Darts barely lost with a score of 11-15. This has hardly affected the Darts, as they are back on their feet and ready to beat Syracuse on the 25th. 

Davis High Women’s Volleyball has been doing well this season with a winning record of 15-12. This Thursday, we play Syracuse at their home court on the 25th. It will be an intense game as they are a power house with a record of 22 wins to 5 losses this season. As Davis is on the edge of going to state or not, this could be their chance to get in. The team has been practicing harder than ever and is ready to get the win. Katie Corelli (the powerhouse sophomore of the varsity team) is determined to win. Katie plays outside header and has a heavy spike. Katie will be doing her best on Thursday and keeping her team motivated with her high energy and potential. 

“The games are always intense and nerve racking, but it’s always a fun environment and exciting to compete.” – Katie 

Katie says that this game is their way into state, and she is confident that they are going to win. However, the odds are in the Titan’s favor as they have home court advantage and the crowd cheering them on. However, the Darts are determined to win and move on to compete in state.