Halloween might change to a Saturday?


Kasen Madsen

Halloween is often A holiday of tricks, treats and crazy stuff. Clowns running around pumpkin smashing. however a new crazy idea has decided to show up on Halloween. A few days before Halloween n people got the idea to change the day of Halloween to a Saturday.  already thousands of parents have signed the petition that going around the hope is that it gets to the Whitehorse and change it to the 24th instead of the 31st.


The reason that parents are worried it is less safe and 70% of parents do not take there kids to go trick or treating and stay at home instead of watching there kids. This is problem in itself and while the parents declare they have concerns about accidents happening, they should be out watching there kids and being with them on the holiday.  They also list that they want it to change to a holiday due to the fact that the 31st is a school day and the kids would be able to be out longer and celebrate without worrying about a school night. This poses a number of probelms because the school board would have to make up that day of school if they changed it to say early out. It also means people being out longer would cause more trouble.


The fact of this is its expensive to change a holiday it actually cost millions to change the day even if its by one day. This knowledge is sadly not widely known and the knowledge of this is just reaching the ears of those who are petitioning, they still seem to not care.  Another thing that stands in the way is how deep this holiday goes. The holiday itself dates back 2000 years. and has been on October 31st since then. However there are other ways to make sure that these petitioners still have a happy Halloween.

1 Start earlier even if the sun is only starting to go down you can still go out and that means you stay out longer.

2 Go with your family or kids. 70% of parents are not going with there kids only 20% of that is work related and that means many still have the opportunity to go and enjoy themselves

3 Go to sleep earlier while it is a national holiday it is also a school night and it would be wise to get to bed a little earlier then others if you have school.

While these tips may or may not help it is important to remember that it is just a holiday and as many people are sighing about just as many are opposing it. The petition is not picking up and will most likely be disregarded. The government has also vocally announced that  they are not willing to switch the holiday nor pay for it. while it seems like it could hit the court the fact seems unlikely and the thought of Halloween staying the same seems most likely and will not be changed.