The Determination and Kindness of Ellie Lundgreen


Alison Gee

Ellie Lundgreen, Davis High’s very own Paula Radcliffe, was born and raised right here in Layton, Utah. As a proud dart and talented student, she’s already set to have a great senior year.

After she graduates high school she’s not one hundred percent sure what she wants to do, similar to most of us students, but she says she would like to be a physical therapist. She would certainly be a great one, as she digs helping people and understands the importance of remaining physically fit.

The Davis High Cross-Country team is where Ellie spends a lot of her time when she’s not hanging with friends or playing piano. In fact, she recently won first place at the state competition. She said:

“Going into state, like the whole week before I was just so excited. I was a little nervous, but I also just felt like I was ready to go. The race was definitely hard, but I knew that going into it. I just stayed calm and stuck to my plan, and it payed off!”

Her hard working attitude and loving personality endear to almost everyone. One of her friends and fellow seniors, Klarrissa Hugh, commented:

“Ellie is very dedicated. She knows how to work hard to obtain her goals and I feel like she’s not afraid to go out and do whatever she needs to do. She cares about what’s important to her, whether its her family, her sport, or homework. She also knows how to have fun, and to motivate those around her… I know that when I need her she will be there for me. Ellie is modest about her success and is very willing to talk about other people’s lives. She’s just amazing, I’ve always admired her.”

Ellie also loves travelling during breaks. Her favorite vacation was her trip to Hawaii, where she enjoyed playing on the beaches and watching the stunning sunsets. If she could go anywhere in the entire world, she would go to Italy for a month. But when she’s not on vacation, Ellie is working hard, both with school and her hobbies.

It’s clear to see that Ellie is a top-notch student at Davis, and a genuinely kind, friendly person. So be sure to say ‘Hi!’ when you see her in the hallways, and keep an eye out for her in future successes!