Track and Field Opinion

The past decade Davis High School has had one of the best track programs in the state of Utah.

Ever since Corbin Talley came to Davis to coach, there has been a renewed sense of pride and tradition.

Davis has had many region championships and even state championships for both boys and girls the past few years.

I believe that Davis High Track is one of the best programs, with the best coaches in the state. They have prepared so many great athletes to fulfill their full potential and even get them to the college level.

Their records and championships prove that Coach Talley and his staff are tremendous coaches that care so much about their athletes.

I ran track my sophomore year and had a great time running. I decided to run, to run, get in shape, be on a team, run with friends.

Coach Talley and Coach Anderson really changed my perspective on running, they wanted me to accomplish great things and do my best. Their support really helped me gain a desire to get PR’s and work as hard as I could.

I loved the kids and coaches on the team, I not only became a better runner, but met a ton of new people that I continue to communicate with and maintain friendship.

If you are one of those kids that wants to get involved and enjoys meeting new people, while running, than track is for you.

Davis High Track and Field is an amazing program that I highly recommend. Coach Talley and his coaching staff are great people that care for all of their athletes no matter the level you’re at in running. They will help you to work hard and become a better runner and athlete.