Writers Academic one page at a time.

Kasen Madsen

The writers academic club or simply writers club is known for creating stories and characters in the mind of high school students the club is made for those who want to express their writing to others. Whether its Si-Fi mystery, horror or fantasy there is a place for you at the writers academic club.

The writers club was created for those who love to write and create stories, the point was that Students could get writing and show others there work and learn to improve it. Ms. Newbold, who is the lead of the club explained that not only do you write stories but you compare and learn what others have to say about it, as well learn to improve it. Another great thing about writers academic is that you get to express your creativity and rather then just show it to a few you show it to many.

I spoke with a few of the writers club members about what they usually do and what stories they create, including the student president Alyssa Rayburn. When asked about what she as the student president has to do. “there is a lot that goes into it,” she stated “there is announcements, running the lesson, and fundraisers. She also teaches the lessons for the club they are currently learning about foreshadowing and building suspense.  She also told me that there are also t-shirts for the club that are open to buy. “The club is always open for new people who love to come and create.”

Another interview with member Riley Mendoza explained how the club works as well as what they mostly do and what they write and create.  Fantasy he tells me is the most common and well liked genre that they write. “Its not just about writing,” he says. “You learn about character development and world building as well review each others work to see how to improve and get the best out of your writing”.  Riley is also currently trying to get some of his work published as a book, he has enough to make two books out of five from what he tells me. The genre He enjoys most is fantasy and mystery.

The writers club is quite happy to include and others into the club or teach them the art of story telling. you also don t have to sign up to go to the club itself, you can show up anytime you like and leave you want to. Writers club starts 2:30 after school and ends 3:30 after school.