Is it too early to start celebrating Christmas ??


With the Christmas season right around the corner, many people get SO excited! They already jam out to the Christmas tunes and put up the tree and hang lights on their houses. This is a very fun and thrilling time of year. After all it is “the most wonderful time of the year.” The debate however, has been arousing…is it too early to celebrate already?

Most of us love Christmas, I mean who doesn’t? But is there a certain time to start celebrating it? Should Thanksgiving be celebrated before we build up the anticipation of Christmas? Or is it never too early to celebrate the December holiday?

A poll was taken and the results were quite interesting. About 65% of people say no, that it’s not too early. Which leaves the other 35% thinking Thanksgiving should not be forgotten. So we can finally settle this debate that’s been massive in this past month.

Do what you want; there will always be a disagreement in this matter. Blast your Justin Bieber or Mariah Carey Christmas tunes if you want to. Or you can wait and hold off until Thanksgiving and then turn the Christmas songs on.

Mr. Phongsavath (Souli) has created a movement of #savethanksgiving to defend thanksgiving and trying to not celebrate Christmas too early. To learn more talk to him and join this movement, if you’re on this side of the debate. If not, then enjoy listening to your Christmas music.

What side are you on?