Cross Country team holds promise of breaking records

The Cross Country’s season is coming to an end, and the team holds many records locally. Brad Nye, who has now graduated, holds the best time for the Layton Park course, which is three miles long. His time is 15 minutes and 18 seconds.

The team has just two races left. They have the Arizona Regional on November 23rd, which involves teams from Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico. “The team can then go on to the Nationals in Portland,” Coach Talley explained. There, they hope to set many records.

“Many of our boys hold promise of breaking records there, [including] Josh Ward, Colton Rinann, Logan Makay, Stokton Smith, and Colter Blanchard,” Coach Talley said. Stokton Smith said that they’re are a lot of “Good individuals that hold good records. It would be cool if I could beat those past records.”

The team even hopes to beat its records when it goes to nationals. “Everyone’s improving so much it could be beaten,” Stokton finished.