New Year Brings New Goals

Anthony Coombs


Tori Waltz, Segment Producer

New Year’s Eve is a highly anticipated holiday where people around the world can look back and pay respect to a year that has passed while also celebrating the birth of a new one. While January 1st could be seen as just another day, it marks a time where people can begin again and start over on a fresh, clean slate.

“I hope there are new opportunities and getting to meet new people and things like that,” Junior Taylor Behrmann said.

A variety of people see the start of a new year as a time to reinvent or better themselves by making various resolutions and goals to aspire to. While many do not maintain these resolutions to their full satisfaction, the New Year holiday is credited with inspiring various lifestyle changes which can lead to a healthier diet, exercise, and better performance in school and work environments.

Sophomore Sydney Wagstaff’s New Year’s resolution is “going to the gym everyday,” and Behrmann wants to “get better grades and do better in soccer.”

The New Year can also be a time that brings family and friends closer to each other through various traditions leading up to when the clock strikes midnight. Whether it is attending parties or staying home with family, many people find ways to make the celebration of the new year one to remember.

“I play boardgames with my family so yeah that’s fun,” Sophomore Kaedee Polson said.