Mt. Bike Club Enjoys Successful Season

Mason Hall


Alyssa Seager and Ryan Ripplinger

The mountain bike team worked hard this season, with their official season starting in late August and going through to the beginning of November.

“We had a couple of close races but we won all the north region races and then we took third at the state championships,” Senior Zac Aposhian said.

The teams’ road to these competitions was not an easy one. They found, for the most part, that the team was outnumbered when it came to experienced riders.  

“It was super hard to get because we had three varsity riders and all the other teams had like ten varsity riders so it was nearly impossible for us to get all the points for it,” club member Harrison Holbrook said.

However, thanks to their work in pre-season preparations they got their needed points.

“Probably the hardest thing about preparing for the mountain bike season is, well there is obviously a lot of time you put towards it, but probably the summer where it is really hot and you are just grinding up hills and trying to go as fast as you can and pushing yourself to the limits,” club member Jackson Nelson said.

With such great success this year, the mountain bike season looks forward to next year to compete and do even better.