Teachers’ Thoughts on Farmington High and Teaching


Alyssa Seager

West Parking lot

With the new Farmington High School being built, many people are very excited for it to be opened. One of the reasons people are so excited is because the student population will finally go down.

“With the student body somewhere in the 2700 range, we needed to reduce that because this school was not built for that many kids. It would just be better for everybody if there were less kids in a class; it would be a tremendous thing in the educating of these wonderful students of Davis High,” teacher Mr Henriod said.

With the student body population changing, people have also had thoughts whether teaching will be any different, both her and at Farmington. If the teaching is going to change, it will also be interesting to see what aspects will change.

“I think the way that they are asking teachers to teach at Farmington High is going to be something that they ask all the teachers throughout the district to do; I do not know if we will have to do it as soon as Farmington has to do it, but I think that we will eventually start changing over and following the model of Farmington High,” teacher Mrs Nye said.

With the expected change, thoughts are turned towards what will happen in the classroom. More specifically, people wonder whether the changes will affect how the students will learn.

“Teaching, I think, will always be the same. It is all about what goes on in a classroom between the teacher and the students, and no matter what is introduced or what is taken away, what is taught will always be the same. Sure, there might be some new technology or other form of tool introduced into a school, but that will not change the process or importance of teaching the students, and it will always boil down to what happens between the teachers and students,” an anonymous faculty member said.

Other teachers have had the same thoughts. They think that there will be little to no change in teaching when the new high school opens.

“Time will tell whether the teaching will be the same or different, both here and at Farmington, but I think that in the end we will end up doing the same things we have always been doing,” Mr Henriod said.

Everyone is very excited to see how the teaching will change, if at all, once Farmington High opens. If the teaching does change, it will be exciting to see how teachers and students alike will adapt.