Students Look Forward to Clubs at Farmington

Mason Hall


Alyssa Seager

South stairs

Ryan Ripplinger and Alyssa Seager

Clubs are a huge part of every high school. This is why people have started to think about what clubs will be like at Farmington High School.

“I really like the boys volleyball and the lacrosse team,” sophomore Noah Farr said.

Other sophomores had interests in the laser-tag, indoor track, and cookie club. Their interests in these clubs make students want to continue them at Farmington.

“There are already a lot of clubs, so if we just have most the clubs there that we have here, then we should be good,” said student Zachary Bingham.

The students enjoy participating in the current clubs. However, some would like to introduce new clubs to the Farmington High culture.

“I think that at Farmington there could, this is kind of funny, a club to discuss all the shows on Netflix because I watch it a lot, so that would be fun, I guess,” student Sadie Arbon said.

Students look forward to participating in current clubs as well as the new ones at Farmington High.