Boys Volleyball Club Prepares to Compete

Mason Hall


For high school sports there has to be an equal amount of boys’ and girls’ sports teams. As a result of this rule students have put together clubs where they can play sports that are not school sanctioned. One of these clubs is the boys’ volleyball club.

“I think it is just great to have options for kids to choose from, since there are only so many sports teams, and only so many kids can make it, so why not have clubs where they can be athletic and involved when they cannot make a high school team. And volleyball is not offered in high school for boys, so that’s one thing that we thought would be really fun for them to do,” boys’ volleyball Coach Salvo said.

Many boys in the club joined because they had friends involved in the sport. Others joined because they grew to love the sport early in their lives or because of family.

“My sister played volleyball at Davis when she was a senior, so when I was a sophomore I just came because she was going to be coaching the boys team, so I came and played and it was super fun, and I have been coming ever since then,” senior Solomon Frank said.

With the club growing in popularity, many of the members would like to see the club become a school sanctioned sport. However, there are many obstacles that prevent the club from becoming sanctioned.

“I have been in sports for a long time and there is just not enough sports that can be sanctioned for high school, there only so many seasons there can be. I would love to see it get sanctioned, but I am not sure if it will happen in my lifetime,” Coach Salvo said.

Volleyball is a very loved sport for both boys and girls, and the boys’ volleyball club members are proof of that.