FBLA Prepares for State

Mason Hall


FBLA or Future Business Leaders of America, is a business orientated club. Within the club members learn about the business world and skills for future careers.

“I love being a part of FBLA because it gives me a chance to gain experience in things that I’m going to want to do for my future career. It also helps me learn a lot of different things about having better job skills and being better prepared for that sort of thing and get better at working with teams and stuff too and I think that’s really good,” FBLA member Abby Chase said.

FBLA prepares students for future careers. As well as, giving kids a chance to learn different business skills.  

“I recommend joining FBLA mostly because no matter what you want to go into. It teaches you skills about that you can use in any career. Because any career deals with a business. In FBLA you learn skills like communication, and organization which can be used in anything that you do,” member Emma Francis said.

Many members may get involved to compete in various events. Some of which include Collaborative Objective Test & Team Performance (Role Play), Interview, Objective Test, Objective Test & Role Play, Prejudged Projects & Presentation, Prejudged Report, Speech, Team Performance, etc.

“I’m competing in a few. One of the events I’m doing is banking and financial systems. I’m doing accounting and I’m doing impromptu speaking in client services. I’m just excited to see how I do and I think it will be fun,” Chase said.

Participation in FBLA can also guide you into the college division of the club. This division is known as PBL (Phi Beta Lambda).

“It has a lot of similar things as FBLA. But you’re competing with college students and it relates more to college rather than high school,” Francis explained.

Future Business Leaders of America provides students with the opportunity to show off and build skills in different areas. In addition preparing students for future careers.