Philosophers Put Thought Into Theories

DTV Script:

Ryan Ripplinger


Alyssa Seager, Olivia Egan, and Ryan Ripplinger

Philosophy can be defined differently depending on what resource is used. The philosophy club uses the term as a group of theories and ideas related to the understanding of a certain subject (as defined in the Cambridge dictionary).

“It is a place where people gather and talk about basic philosophical concepts or views on life, and how we can apply them,” club leader Risa Sunakawa said.

Although there are many things to philosophize about; the club has had an interest in one specifically. This conversation topic is the rise in technological innovation and smart technology.

“One of the topics that interested me was about automated cars that are self-driving and kind of what they would do if they were in a crash,” member Nathan Spencer said.

The evolution of technology ranges from the beginning of time to now. However, especially now there is more to talk about on specific technologies emerging.

“A big issue right now is the rising world of artificial intelligence and whether or not it will be able to replicate human consciousness and intelligence,” Sunakawa said.

The philosophy club continues to talk about the rising issues and developments in technology. As well as, continuing to share views between the students and their advisor so all members are better able to understand philosophies such as this.