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Band Members Face Challenges Switching High Schools

Ryan Ripplinger

Mary Dinney and Brooke Christensen

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With the new high school and many students changing schools, they have mixed feelings about the switch. Many are excited to work with a new director and new people and others are scared or sad to leave Davis high. Students shared some changes they will be expecting with a new director and the adapting process that will take place


“I feel like with how long Mr Hendricks has been around, there have been a lot of events and stuff that he has been invited to every year and it’s gonna be very different not having something going on every friday and saturday.” Junior Dexter Smith said.


The bands are very close in proximity and will both be very large. Last year, the Davis band was large enough to be two 5A large class bands, and it is expected that both Farmington and Davis will be 5A large bands this year. Students say they are excited for the relationships that will emerge from the two bands.


“The band at Davis is just kind of like a big family, we all know each other, were great friends and it’s just kind of cutting right down the middle,” Sophomore Ryan Anderson said. “Farmington and davis are going to be competing at certain things; marching bands, concert bands, but I think there’s gonna be so much friendship between the two.


The new teachers and student directors will have to learn a whole new system and lead the band at the same time. While students are confident that their directors, drum majors and other leadership know what they are doing, the leadership themselves are concerned about how they will figure things out.


“The fact that were going to be changing so much, I know they’re changing stuff about how I’m going to be doing my drum major stuff, and there will be different marching styles, obviously different uniforms, it’s just going to be a different program and I think that’s going to be a hard mental change,” Head Drum Major Madison Wolf said.


While things will be different and will challenge the students, band members still expressed their excitement for the band season to begin and expect that the new bonds will be worth the switch. The audition process for both schools can be found on their websites for students access as well as other information about the band programs.

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Band Members Face Challenges Switching High Schools