Spring Break Excites Students

Ryan Ripplinger


Brooke Christenson and Mary Dinney

People are always looking forward to days that they don’t have to worry about waking up early in the morning for school. Because of that, Spring Break has become one of the most enjoyable holidays for students. They look forward to getting out of school and enjoying themselves with either families or friends.


“I’m looking forward to having a ton of extra time just to work on my own hobbies and get together with friends.” Sophomore Eli said.


For some other young people, they are just excited to be out of school and spend most of their times at their homes. Some even likes to just spent their Spring Break with their families or even themselves, just trying to catch up on things they’re behind on or getting all the sleep they need before school starts again.


“Just staying home, not in school.” Sophomore Ashton said.


“Um just hanging out with friends and sleep.” Sophomore Meleane said.


Young people often travel to some places and spent their Spring Break there. They make Spring Break as their traveling holiday. They travel to different kind of places, looking for the most beautiful place to spent their Spring Break at. It’s a time-out for them, it’s a stress-relieve holiday, and definitely a time to just party.


“I don’t know, just partying it up in St. George I guess, because it’s warm.” Sophomore Kiersten said.


Spring Break is just one of the best holidays and people are always looking forward to getting some sleep, traveling, spending quality times with family or friends, and having new experiences in new places.