Seniors Reflect on Experience in Clubs



With the end of the year close in sight many seniors are trading their Davis parking passes for high school diplomas. This leaves many club positions free and with the new high school, which will be open this fall, many teachers are too leaving to pursue new opportunities, but before they leave they’ve left good pieces of advice and new advisors along with presidents in their wake.  


“I wanna give a huge shoutout to Mrs.Beutler for always supporting me…..and Mr. Larsen….and Ms. Hollist. Senior year goes by way too fast [and] I can’t believe I’m almost done so just enjoy your time,” Fight the New Drug club founder Paige Christiansen said.


This theme of appreciating where you’re at seems to reoccur thru various students’ statements.


“I hope that everybody keeps coming and really puts in their best efforts because HOSA is a great organization and it’s ran by students and meant for students and when we put our whole effort in it really is the best that it can be,” club president Ali Marshall said.


Indeed, these students and many others have put their heart and soul to starting clubs and keeping them running despite the hardships associated with getting hundreds of students to come together to work towards a common goal.


“I hope that I can leave behind a positive atmosphere because in years past it has kind of been like we..come to meetings to be on our resumes and that kind of thing. And I hope that this year we were able to get more people involved for not just the academic reasons but more of..the social, like we are gonna get to help people and get to know people and really reach out and really be a part of something here at school,” Marshall said.


“Just really enjoy your time in that club and remember the reasons you’re doing and don’t do it because you feel like you have to. Just do it because you want to,” Christiansen said.


Clubs are a way to get to know people and become more involved in your community and in your school. While they are good for college, they can also be good for you to, it just depends on the amount of work you’re willing to put into it and what you want to get out of it.