The tradition of booing in Orchard Farms

Ireland Dannehold

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Kendra Scotts Jewerly
January 16, 2020

As Halloween approaches, the tricks begin. A very common game played in the Orchard Farms residency is what we all know as “booing.” Booing is when you leave a treat at a neighbors house and run away leaving the people who got Boo-ed wondering where it came from, then they put a sign on their door letting others know that they can’t get boo-ed for a second time. Some great things to boo people with are things like candies, small knick-knacks, candles, and maybe some cute Halloween decorations.

Booing has been a tradition that has been popular everywhere.

“We don’t know exactly how this game was started, but neighborhoods around us have been doing it for over 20 years,” says

The Orchard Farms neighborhood has been enjoying this tradition for years now, and it’s something that is passed down through generations for everyone to enjoy from young to old.

Booing has brought together lots of families and friends to enjoy the seasons festivities together as a community. Without some of these activities togetherness wouldn’t be as possible as it is today. So go out and find some treats to go boo your neighbors!



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