Hunting Spots in Wyoming

Hunting Spots in Wyoming

Tagg Pepper

       A hunters hunting spot is his pride and possession and should never be told to anyone. I’m gonna let you know my secrets. Up in Pinedale, Wyoming past Carter you drive 30 minutes north up into little sheep. It’s a very dangerous grizzly and wolf country but has some of the biggest cow and bull elk you’ll ever see.

There’s tons of ridges and quakes that the elk feed and rest in. You’re guaranteed to see one if you sit and watch a little meadow for about 30 minutes. To shoot these elk and drop them without having to track them 500 yards I use either a 7mm or a 300 mm extended barrel. 

Opening day of hunting season we got 2 huge cow elk, 2 pine grouse and 1 alpha wolf. This is the best spot in Wyoming and I stand by that.

“I’ve been hunting up Pine Dale for 55 years and there still hasn’t been a year I didn’t get one.” -Grandpa John. “Best hunting spot I’ve been too for awhile!!”-Holden(new hunter in group). Pine Dale, Wyoming has the best Elk hunting in the state.