D’Ettes take home 1st place trophy


Preslee Scott, Writer

Saturday December 10th at Murray High School our Davis High D’Ettes competed their first competition of the season. They took home the 1st Place Overall 6A Sweepstakes trophy and title.

“I’m so proud of this team and how hard they worked towards this goal.” Said Jeanie Watson, whose daughter is on the team.

The D’Ettes placed 2nd in military, 1st in Dance, and 1st place in their Show routine. Their Show routine got an additional trophy with it being the highest scoring dance of the competition overall 5A and 6A routines.

“Drill is one of the hardest sports and they did incredible Saturday and did everything they could to deserve that 1stplace trophy” said Casey Scott whose daughter is on the team.

Only 48 hours before the competition, a girl got injured. That night they practiced at the Kaysville Junior High to respace the girl out of all three routines. One girl learned the entire military in only 24 hours, 19 girls learned new spots in dance routine, and 4 girls learned new spots in show. Even with this setback those girls pulled themselves together and took home the win.

“I’m so proud of how the team pulled together to respace and pull off such amazing routines in such a short amount of time” said Mia Montgomery, a Davis Dette alumni.

Even though they took home that first place trophy they are still training harder than ever. Those girls still wake up at 5:30AM every A-Day morning and practice 20 hours every week. This win has lit a fire beneath these girls.

This is just one of many competitions the D’Ettes are going to compete at this season. They compete two more times until their region competition at Roy High School. Then it’s off the Semi Finals and State and we can’t wait to see how their competition season plays out.