Favorite Classes at Dear old Davis High School

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Chaos of lunch
January 7, 2019

There are so many different classes that are given here at Davis High school, but students can only choose 8. There is a class for about anything you can think of. There are hands on classes, and mental classes. Out of all of these classes, we have asked a couple of students to give us their opinion on there favorite class here at Davis and why.

Two students said that Chemistry with Mrs. Laub and TA for Laub was the best, because,

“Mrs. Laub is the Best.”

They expressed that they love how Mrs. Laub knows everyone and cares about them. Along with them with Chemistry, Nathan Iverson chose a different science class. Physics with Mr. Lund. He loves physics, because he has friends in that class and he learns a lot.

The rest of the students that were asked liked not required classes. Connor Finlinson chose theater, because it is an easy class and he has friends in this class. Elijah Williamson likes Aquaculture, because it is very easy and,

“you get to learn about little fishies.”

Kobe Melton said that foods was the best, because…

“You get food EVERY day, and it is easy.”

Lastly Griffin Karras said Wood Working, because you get to take your project home once you finish it. And he also loves the teacher.

There is a trend in this data. It shows that most students don’t like the class because they are learning, it is easy, or they don’t have to do any work. They like the class that is the easiest and the class that they don’t have to stress about. It also showed that almost everyone said that they liked it because they had a friend in their class. They like it because they are not alone. They have someone to work through homework with.

This also shows that everyone is different, and everyone enjoys doing different things.