DHS Hits Goal of $21,000 for Sub for Santa Fundraiser

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Over the course of December, the student body has been rallying together to reach a goal of  $21,000 dollars. Every dollar was to be donated to the homeless students throughout Davis district. After several fundraisers including, but not limited to; the save it or shave it fundraiser, which in turn raised about $5000.  The fortnite competition that also raised a fair amount of money, the dash for cash, which ended up totaling round $7000 and the fight between the sophomores, juniors, and seniors, contributed to the rest of the donated funds, allowing us reaching this goal!


The SBO’s worked incredibly hard on this fundraiser, putting in several hours of meetings, brainstorming, and detail into it. Without them and their support and dedication, none of this would have been possible.


Thanks to all of your donations, competitions, and gracious efforts, there were over 1,000 kids of all ages that you helped to enjoy a warm, and very merry Christmas!