Davis high battle as bands

On February 10, Davis had a competition of Battle of the Bands to go along with white ribbon week. Four bands participated. Each band brought their own style of music to the competition, trying their best to out play and out sing the other bands.

                Even though some of the bands were sick or had people missing, they still tried their best. One band didn’t have their drummer as he was gone sick, and their lead singer was losing her voice during the bands performance. So overall, the bands tried their hardest even if they did have problem with amp systems, microphone trouble, to even instrument and voice problems.

                “I could tell that the lead singer was struggling with her vocals, I even heard her say she was losing her voice,” said junior Jaden Foust, who was watching the show.

                All the bands did a good job in their performances as they performed one of their own songs and a cover song from another artist. They had four minutes, two minutes for each song, to perform their songs. Most of them sang songs that were more rock and pop oriented, except for the third band that went a little more heavy metal style.  Many of them have great potential in their musical talent, from drums to guitars and basses, to even vocals.

                After all the bands performed they had an adrenalin rush as they said after each of them performed.

                “I have so much energy, that was so intense,” said McKinley Weinberger, lead guitarist of the first band.

                So not only was it interesting for the students to watch the bands, but it was also for the band members as well, as they watched other bands perform. Each band performed to the best of their abilities and Aces High, the first band, won and will being going on to a final competition with other schools around the district.