The fears enter the river

Starting with the New Year, a new show has come out, a show that is meant to scare those who watch. The River created by the producers of Paranormal Activity and the The Guardian, has brought out the fears of humans onto the Amazon River.

                When TV explorer Emmet Cole (Bruce Greenwood) goes missing in the Amazon, his wife and son, Tess (Leslie Hope) and Lincoln (Joe Anderson) set out with the show’s producer and family friends to search for Emmet. Only will the find out that Dr. Cole wasn’t just on a normal expedition, he was looking for magic.

                The show brings out human fears attaching magic and mystery to the Amazon River, keeping the audience on their seats as they enjoy action and thrill. As the crew digs deeper into the secrets of Dr. Emmet Cole, they will find out that the river isn’t what they think it is. Everyone will keep secrets from one another, family to family, acquaintances to acquaintances. The crew will hide as many secrets as they can to protect their ego and pride; the only problem is that their every move is documented.

                The season is three shows in and many people enjoy and can’t wait to see what all seven episodes have in store. The crew is on the verge of solving a mystery that no one has ever discovered, but sacrifices will have to be made to save themselves or the crew. In their search for Emmet Cole they are diving into a world that has never existed to them. The River only has four more episodes before the season is over and there is still much to discover on the Amazon River.