Stage crew out does itself in Korckzak’s children

The unsung heroes of the theater, Stage crew and sound management have the ability to turn a bad play terrible and a good play into a story that stays in your mind long after the lights go out and the actors go home. Tonight is the last chance to see the students in Advanced theatre perform Korckzak’s Children, a tragic and touching play about an orphanage in the Warsaw ghetto during World War II. While the acting in the play and the story itself add a lot to the experience, the set is absolutely fascinating. Built onto the stage, the audience and the actors experience a new kind of story as the play is acted out around them instead of in front of them. With walkways and stairs up above and a spacious area in the middle, the set envelops the audience in a way that one feels as though they’re experiencing the story themselves, which only makes the sadness of the story that much more effective. In my opinion, the students have once again put out a marvelous and professional show that should not be missed.