Coca Cola or Pepsi?

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Since the dawn of time there has been a debate that will be deeply discussed, is Coke or Pepsi the better drink? These 2 sodas have had a legendary rivalry for over an entire century. Some people have very strong opinions on this topic, and some people can’t even taste a difference between the 2 and don’t really care. Both of these companies are huge and multibillionaires.

Out of all of the carbonated soft drinks in the market, Coke controls 42%, while Pepsi controls only 30%. Take what you want from this, but most people are more drawn to Coca Cola from their personal preference. If we are talking about how much each has sold, in the last decade, Coke has increased in sales, while Pepsi has dropped.

The health differences between the 2 is that Pepsi tastes sweeter, therefore having more sugar, caffeine, and calories. Coke on the other hand is higher in sodium, tasting more like vanilla than Pepsi.

On the business side of things, PepsiCo is a larger company than Coca-Cola, almost doubling Cokes total revenues. PepsiCo has 64 billion dollars of revenues in their most recent quarter. Out of the 7 random students I asked which one they like more, only 1 said they like Pepsi over Coke.

All of this is obviously personal preference and what you prefer to drink, but it seems like Coca Cola is more liked and successful as to Pepsi.