Layton High students commute to Davis for classes

Every day, class ends early and begins at a different school after a search through the crowded parking lot for an open spot on “enemy territory.” Class ends early again to finish the day at the previous school. Back and forth every day, different bell schedules making things even more inconsistent. This is typical for Layton High School juniors Christy Glad, Kirsten Anderl, and Melanie Wright.

“I wanted to take some classes and Layton doesn’t have them. French is fun—there’s no other class where you eat ‘pain perdu’ or where people run in holding golf clubs and you watch How to Train Your Dragon,” said Anderl.

All three come to Davis for French V with Dave Miller, and Anderl and Glad both come for BC Calculus with Tracey Meade and  Gary Taylor. Anderl also comes on A Days for Chamber Orchestra with Linda Tuke.

“Those classes are awful at Layton. I switched into Davis’ BC Calc two weeks into the school year because I didn’t like the teacher I had at Layton,” said Glad. “Now I actually learn things. I enjoy their classes, which is a weird thing for me. I wanted a math class where I actually have to work for my grade.”

The daily commute and quest for parking are some of the hassles.

“I feel like a creeper. I have to watch people come out of the building and watch them go to their car and wait until they leave so I can get parking,” said Wright.

Glad gets about ten miles on her car by the time she gets home every day. “[The drive to Davis is] fine until idiots sideswipe me or decide I don’t need to be alive anymore. [The Davis] parking lots anger me on a regular basis. Half the time I’d actually be on time to class if I could find parking,” said Glad. “I waste ten minutes driving in circles waiting desperately for someone to leave and eventually giving up and parking in some very far corner.”

In addition to parking, these students from Layton High deal with comments from both friends and foes. “Davis High students are kind of mean. I was talking to some guys and when they found out I was from Layton they never sat by us again,” said Wright.

Anderl and Glad are teased by their friends about their “split personalities”, but have never been harassed.

As much as these three enjoy their time at Davis, they are not shy about their Lancerhood. “Lancer boys are hotter,” Wright said with a laugh. “If you take classes at Layton High you might get a little crap but everyone will embrace you.”

Anderl said that she still cheers for Layton because “they care more about school spirit than Davis does.”

The question of loyalty was a no-brainer for Glad.

 “Layton, duh. I know more people at Layton and most of my friends are there. I take most of my classes at Layton. I can’t explain it, it’s just my school.”