Getting ready for AP tests

As the year draws to a close students are bustling to study for the Advanced Placement Exams that occur in May. Passing the AP exams is a huge deal to those taking the AP courses, as they struggle to get the college credit for taking that exam.

For many students they want to know a way in which to study that will help them pass the exam at the end of the year. Some students know how as they have taken AP courses since ninth grade while others struggle to find ways as they try to pass the exam.

In an article on the website Squidoo, there were steps set up to help students study for the tests:

  1. “Work all year. If you work all year you won’t have to study the last two weeks before the test.”
  2. “Start reviewing the month before the exam.”
  3. Take a practice test. They give you a feeling of how the questions are worked on an AP exam.”
  4. “What to do the night before. Don’t rush two minutes before trying to gather your materials.”

Every students has their own way of studying for the AP exam, some may study for hours, while others just study the two weeks before the exam. Studying is different for everyone, but no matter what, it is good to study for the exam if passing is the goal.

Not only will studying for the AP exams help for that class, but students can also use the study tips for ACT or SAT tests that students take to help qualify for college.