The Voice hits the stage in the final battles

The country has been in love with American Idol for so long, but ever since the judge Simon Conell left the show has not been as popular. In 2011, the television brought a new show, The Voice. Featuring music artists that the American population is in love with; Adam Levine, singer of Maroon Five; Christiania Aguilera, Ce Lo Green, and country star Blake Shelton.

The Voice brings in people who love to sing. They start with blind auditions, once the candidates are chosen they get to choose their mentor from the four judges. With the candidates chosen, they battle it out to have only six candidates on each of the judge’s teams.

Much like American Idol, it is to see who will take away an artist singing contract, however, the judges give personal feedback and coach the candidates to help them throughout the course of the show. Not only are the younger people on the show but the age for the candidates’ ranges from young to old.

Watching the show has brought a whole new meaning to the singing world. Not only do students get personal insight from the judges but they get to follow the artist and style of singing that they want to. It is more entertaining to watch as they battle out one another pushing themselves out of their comfort zones or trying their hardest to follow the coaches the advice.

The Voice has had a huge hit since it has been on. It is only on its second season, but it is already starting to surpass the beloved American Idol. The question is whether or not it will become the next American Idol.