Trayvon Martin case

                During the past couple weeks, there has been a very high buzz on a fatal shooting that occurred in Sanford, Florida that resulted in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The shooter, George Zimmerman, was neighborhood watch captain for the area at the time and supposedly shot Martin out of self-defense which seems like a possible story until the Martin’s family decided to study up on the case. Before intervening with Martin, Zimmerman contacted police to report a suspicious person walking around the area saying, “This guy is looks like he is up to no good. He is on drugs or something. The police then informed Zimmerman to stay in his vehicle until the dispatcher got there. For unknown reasons however, Zimmerman left his car. Zimmerman then claims he was suddenly attacked and out of self-defense, shot Martin. Protests have ascended from around the nation calling for the immediate arrest of Zimmerman because they believe Zimmerman’s reason for killing was because of racial profiling.

            After reading this horrific story of Trayvon Martin, It is just really saddening to realize what is going in other parts of the world that even happen on a daily basis and are never seen or reported. Just these past two days more information has come out about the case and the two stories associated with it. Zimmerman claimed that his head was bashed against the concrete which resulted in a broken nose and a big gash to his forehead. However that seems to not be the case after watching a recently posted video of the state police handcuffing Zimmerman shortly after the shooting. Zimmerman seems to be unharmed, showing no blood, scratches or marks that are visible. What appalls me and many others is that he was released immediately following the shooting. Not even being questioned or analyzed before being let go.

            Hopefully justice will overcome in this case and the truth be finally brought out in what is truly a very saddening story.